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Find out more about Delta Gamma Fraternity per capita dues and your local alumnae dues by reading below.

Per Capita Dues

Delta Gamma per capita dues are required for your first 50 years of membership. Alumnae per capita dues for the 2018-2019 year are $29. These dues support Fraternity initiatives, the publication of our award winning ANCHORA, extension and recruitment efforts to establish new chapters on college campuses, visits to our collegiate chapters from Fraternity visitors and Collegiate Development Consultants (CDCs), and so much more.

You can pay your alumnae per capita dues in one of three easy ways below:

·        Click here to pay your per capita dues only through our secure form

·        Click here to login to the Delta Gamma website if you would like to pay your per capita dues, local dues and/or make a donation to the Delta Gamma Foundation

·         Send a check for $29 made out to Delta Gamma Fraternity to Executive Offices (3250 Riverside Dr., Columbus OH 43221)

Local Dues

Local alumnae dues vary by chapter and support our alumnae group and our local activities. Your local group dues may be paid securely by visiting and logging in to your profile (if your group has established online payments) or by submitting a check to your local alumnae group.

Please consider also paying your local dues.

Blue Level - 25.00 (minimum)
Pink Level - 50.00
Bronze Level - 75.00
Golden Anchor Level - 125.00

    **plus** National Per Capita Dues - 27.00


Local Dues: Your local dues help pay for the many activities of the alumnae chapter and help support the Gamma Zeta collegians at Louisiana State University. Did you enjoy the Fall Kickoff party at Pelican House and the Holiday Party?  Did you attend Founders Day?  Are you attending Senior Salute? Those events are paid for in part by your local dues. Your dues also help offset some of our Foundation expenses, such as our cost for hosting the events for and sending crafts and other supplies to the students at the LSVI.

Per Capita Dues: Your per capita dues go to the national Fraternity. This is the primary source of income for Delta Gamma Fraternity supporting the majority of its operations. Your $27.00 per capita dues help pay for: alumnae and collegiate records and mailings, extension and colonization of new chapters, leadership training for alumnae, including Convention, recruitment training, including reference materials, videos and consulting, support of regional officers and other Delta Gamma Fraternity personnel, and maintenance of Executive Offices, our International Headquarters.

Thanks to all of our 2016-2017 dues paying member:

Golden Anchor:

Lorin Caruso

Michelle Forte

Lindsay Guerin

Alex  Layfield

Freda Montgomery

Beth Phillips*

Jill Roshto

Virginia Seale*

Suzanne Sexton

Adelaide Smith

Melissa Thompson

Marilyn Tillery

Janet Vidrine


Molly Csaki

Marianne Granier

Rachel Helmke

Amy Lambert

Bettsie Miller

Beth O'Quinn

Laura Simpson

Virginia Walker


Amanda Collura-Day

Ellen DeCuir

Emily Hester

Catherine Hurston

Donna Travis


Carol Abadie

Alexandra Babcock

Niki Beeson

Claire Blanchard

Kelli Bozeman

Paige Breard

Carla Brown

Catherine Carmouche

Nicole Carr

Caroline Cooper

Allison Davis

Elaine Duke

Megan Erwin

Julie Fink

Emily Flanders

Amy Fransen

Danielle Gahn

Candace Harris

Angela Heigle

Rachel Helmke

Megan Jenny

Angie Johnson

Courtney Jones

Mallory Kemp

Margot Kiehfuss

Heather Landry

Meredith Ledger

Rebecca Lemoine

Connie Leonard

Carol Marcantel

Mary Mason

Amy McCalip

Sara Pennington

Alexis Reaney

Rachel Rhodes

Emma Stasi

Beverly Thomas

Heidi Thompson

Dana Todd

Lynde Ulmer

Marina Wilson

*paid above the minimum amount

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